Policy and Rules for Extracurricular activities

Disciplinary Rules Governing High School Athletics and Extracurricular Activities for Student Possession and Use of Alcohol and Drugs

If a student is in possession of, using, or under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug, the student will be disciplined according to the Students' Rights and Responsibilities handbook, and will receive the following disciplinary actions from the athletic director or extracurricular activity advisor/sponsor:

1. Removal from the team/activity for the remainder of the season. A student may not participate in a different sport until the playoffs are over in the sport from which he/she was suspended. If the student violates this rule out of season, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the next sport where his/her name appears in the certificate of eligibility from the previous year. (As with all other district procedures, the next school year is a new beginning.)

2. Removal from non-athletic extracurricular activities shall be for a period of nine weeks.

3. The student must enroll in the Cornerstone Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program. The student will not be eligible to return to any extracurricular activity until he/she completes the program.

4. For any subsequent drug or alcohol offenses, as listed above, a student will be disciplined according to the Students' Rights and Responsibilities handbook, and will be prohibited from participation in extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year.
Extracurricular activities are defined as athletics, academic clubs, band, chorus, cheerleading, pageants, and other activities as determined by the administration.
Inappropriate behavior reflected on Myspace or Facebook by a GHS student will result in suspension from their club/team/organization until it is removed. Pictures portraying involvement with alcohol, tobacco, and or drugs are inappropriate for our students and reflects negatively on the student, the club/team/organization, and Greenwood High School. It is the student's responsibility to maintain their Myspace and/or Facebook pages.