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Homecoming 2022

The winning class of Homecoming 2022 is the Sophomore class  - Congratulations Class of 2025!


GHS has a unique 37-year Homecoming tradition. Each class has five hours to decorate the courtyard in their chosen theme and one hour the next day to take it down. Many former students remember getting ready for Homecoming and the time spent with their classmates as some of the best memories of high school. Eagles do it like no other.


A very big thank-you to the teachers, parents, businesses, and churches who volunteered their time, homes, and money for the classes to use:  Coronaca Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, St. Mark United Methodist Church, Harris Baptist Church, and Sherwin Williams. Thank you to Deana Thomas, Bubba Self for the loan of a parking lot, Michael and Jennifer Hudson, the Talley family, Tabitha Perrin, Tracey Erickson, the Burnetts, Rebecca and Michael Murray, the McLaughlins, Mr. McTaggart, the Polattys, the Ackermans, and the Montgomerys. Thank you for being brave enough to let a bunch of teenagers show up and paint at your place!  A big thank you to Diane and Buck Parnell who always make sure we have enough fabric for our banners. Special thanks to Mr. Tony Boone who climbed on the elevator to put up the banners every afternoon! A big thank you to the maintenance staff at GHS! A special shout out to Meg and Jerry Stevens who have been involved for 15 years with GHS Homecoming. They are graduating again for the final time this year. 


  • “Freaky Freshmen” haunted the campus Monday along with skeletons, coffins, and a giant spider web to take over the courtyard in their first event as a class and did a great job.


  • The sophomores tried to corral the other classes and a few yellow jackets on Tuesday with their western theme of “Saddle Up, Sophomores.” We even had some cattle rustling going on.


  • “Jumanji Juniors” involved a bridge complete with monkeys being suspended across the courtyard that was filled with wild animals.


  • Stone Cold Austin showed up to put the Seniors in their place on Thursday morning during the Senior Smack Down.


It is a privilege for Greenwood High school to donate over 1675 cans to our local food bank. The freshman class collected the most cans with over 550 items. Way to go, freshmen!  The community service component is 25% of the Homecoming competition score.


With Olympic-style scoring, there were 300 possible points in this year’s competition with points being awarded for creativity, school spirit, community service, clean-up, and t-shirt design. A class can be penalized for any behavior that goes against the homecoming rules and guidelines. And the results of the class competition are:


  • 3rd Runner up  -- with 230 points  - Senior class.   
  • 2nd Runner up – with 256 points  - Junior class.
  • 1st Runner up with 267 points - Freshmen class.
  • Winning class with 272 points - Sophomore class.